Orange City Tulip Festival

Warning: This post may contain really kitschy kitsch.

The Tulip Festival is a weekend in small-town America where Iowa pretends to be Dutch.  They try so hard that I think it's probably more Dutch than anything you could find in the Netherlands, but I'm cynical.  Anyways: what you came here for is the photos. As always, you can click on them to see them a bit bigger.

 I actually had more fun than I expected because I went with a few friends (all hauling cameras of course- two of my roommates also shoot) and we ran into a lot of people we knew.  Still, the Tulip Festival is probably a better event to bring your children or grandparents to.

Shot with a fully manual 70-150mm ƒ3.8 I picked up for 10 bucks.  That was a lot of fun!