Pro-tip: How to be a great photographer

Shoot a lot, and don't post anything that turns out like this.

But it's not just for artists.  This applies to you too, Ms. I-put-every-picture-I-take-on-Facebook.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then that photo dump you just took is a novel.  A really boring one.

Check out this very cool almost-surreal series on Orange City, shot by freelance photographer René Clement, a dutchman from New York.  On his last trip out here, Alvin and I helped him with a couple of shoots.  I ran the fog machine for the hog-fight scene, which was a lot of fun.  But the way it ties in with the rest of the post is that René, who's the consummate professional, spent days in advance gathering people, props and a location.  He spent all evening setting up for that shoot and waiting for the right light, used a high end Nikon DSLR for test shots,* then shot just three rolls of medium-format film.  Only one photograph will make it into the book.

Be like René.  Only share your best work.

*Yes, his "polaroid" camera is worth several times the cost of my baby, a D80 I bought used.  But they're both the same artistic tool.