Bel Air

Nathan G. is now following my blog!  I'm going to raise my standards as far as content goes.  Nothing but the best.  I'd also like to take this opportunity to say it's been good working with you on Res Life and you are a gentleman and a scholar.

That may be enough man-love for one night, especially since I just got back from hanging out in Covenant Hall, where man-love is the platinum rule among male RAs.  Actually it was nice to get out of North and experience the slight diversity of cultures that does exist on this tiny campus.  There's a different feel over there in Covey, and I can't say I don't like it.  Though I have maligned the most easterly of Res halls in the past, I really respect the RAs and how they've created a tight community.  Also, some really fun people live there.  So don't hate.  I'm looking at you, self of yesteryear.

As I was wandering campus today, somewhere between watching a few friends finish the Siouxperman triathlon and eating lunch in the commons, I discovered a nice Bel Air parked right in front of the campus center.  Yes, one of my art profs is a certifiable car nut.  He restored and painted it himself after buying it in the '80s for $350.  This beauty boasts a two-speed automatic transmission and air conditioning, but best of all, it's not in perfectly mint condition: it gets driven regularly.  Nice!