Hooligans Like Us

We were sitting at breakfast in the Grille, Adam and I, talking about people.  Not gossiping, but discussing the nature of different people we know, the way you do when you're starting to get to know someone really well.  You have to compare your perspectives on mutual friends and acquaintances.

"That group is a bunch of really solid guys," I said.  "But if you don't know them, they do look a bit sketch.  Like hooligans."

Adam agreed, "Hooligans like us."

I decided right then that I'd rather be a hooligan than blend in and have less fun.  It's not that we're intentionally countercultural, though being a committed Christian should mean that.  It's mainly just that our decision is to not care.

We listen to loud music and not just from bands with an image we want.  We spin donuts with borrowed cars in the snowy parking lot.  We hang out with whoever we want, whenever we want.  Before we go home for the  semester break, we'll burn our Christmas decorations, even though the fire pit on campus is a lot further away than the recycle dumpster.

And we are growing up together, but we'll never stop having fun.