Team Wheatabix to Dominate PGFC 2010

Sioux Center, Iowa - December 15, 2009- From the ashes of last year's Meadowlark Productions, Team Wheatabix arises with new purpose, vision, creative integrity, wholesome nutrition, and spelling that avoids copyright infringement.

Team Wheatabix consists of Daniel, Dale, Phil (who remarkably has no internet presence) and Andrew.  The fact that there are only four is a huge improvement because it is expected that infighting will be reduced by about 82% compared to Meadowlark Productions.  

Also, incidences of violence will be reduced by 103%.  Among team members, all agree that violence is not the solution– not in life and certainly not in creating conflict in short films.

The Team has a name inspired by Wikipedia's random article button, a goal inspired by the hope of glory, access to a synthesizer for the creation of '80s disco soundtracks, a Nikon D90, a complete disregard for the importance of sleep, and a love for the Oxford Comma.  Wheatabix: more than just cereal.  A winning combination.

Contact:  Team Wheatabix, DC box 2721, 651 6th St. NE, Sioux Center, IA 51250