Hey from London

Well, I'm sitting in the airport with nothing better to do.  The original plan after I missed my flight to Paris was to re-route through London since I'd have a big fat layover here and try to enjoy my day.  But by the time we got here there were only 6 hours (8 hours? don't trust my math on this little sleep) left and I don't trust my navigational skills enough to leave the airport.  So what do you do?  Blog about it!  Pics inside.

There have been two highlights of this trip so far (the turkey dog on the Houston-Newark flight doesn't count).

First, the nice Continental lady in Newark.  She was professional, knowledgeable and friendly.  It took her about half an hour to get my situation sorted, but nobody could have done it quicker.  And this well into what looked like a miserable shift, thanks to the weather yesterday.

And secondly, the spectacular moonset over the North Atlantic.  Just as we came started to fly into the sunrise, the sky turned an incredible deep shade of blue and the moon turned vivid orange.  I tried to capture it, of course, and of course, it doesn't do it justice.

I keep wanting to shoot portraits in the airports, but I don't want to be a nuisance to all these frustrated travelers.  So I just shoot where it won't bug anybody, or surreptitiously.  As usual, click images to see them bigger.