Blogging From The Airport

Because I can.

An hour until I get on the plane and can sleep.  I forgot how tiring it can be when you don't sleep enough.  It's a warm-up for Kenya, I guess.

Last year when I came back from the Philippines after almost two weeks of 12-hour work days, that was the most tired I've ever been without being sick.  It's almost legendary in my mind now.  The moment that stands out is when Alvin and Evan and I were standing in the ocean on Guam after about 30 hours of no sleep.

After failing to fall asleep on the very cold airport floor, I'd decided to slay the jetlag demons by staying awake until it was night time back home.  But with the warm waters of Agana Bay lapping at my shins, everything started getting very surreal.  I've been awake for 36 hours before, and the only consequence of was unintentionally falling asleep on Justin's dining room floor.

(this picture's not posed- it really happened)

But on the beach that day, I was on the edge of delusional.

I hope, in a not-at-all-masochistic way, that in Kenya I might be able to push my limits that hard again.  It's not my goal, but it's what I have to give in return for the generosity of all the people who donated to help get me there.

I also hope to someday go back and actually enjoy that beautiful beach on Guam.