It's been a while since I've written anything, but I find myself in the airport with free wifi and nothing else to do.  How about another roll call of things I am currently thankful for?  I might have done this before.

Topping the list: watching the moon set through the fog as I blasted down the Guide Meridian and I-5 very early this morning.  Regina Spektor on repeat and completely empty roads until halfway to Seattle.  Nothing but win.

Another cool thing: bacon.  Everybody knows bacon is good- how about a whole pack for breakfast?  I'd  rate that well beyond good.  Four guys, four packs of bacon, much of it flame-roasted over the campfire.  And no backyard campfire, mind you: it was at Murray lake, at the top of the Coquihalla.  We were living the dream, and it was an excellent dream.

Also very nice: pancakes for supper, with fresh blueberries.  How about an after supper walk with Tank the dog and blackberries on the side of the road? I told that pug, "You know these things are edible!?"  He just looked at me.  Blue- and blackberries in the space of an hour!

And you know what else I appreciate?  My car is still running.  I bought it for under a thousand dollars in January with well over 400 000 kilometers on it.  It's still going, remarkably.  A trend that I hope continues.

I'm going to fly to Toronto now.  See some friends get married.  Good stuff. Peace out!