Senior Year

I don't feel like writing about senior year- it's still too real- but I have to finish the series.

Senior year came as a relief from a summer of working 55-65 hour weeks for Dordt Maintenance and Fareway.  The successive arrivals of athlete, then freshmen, then upperclassmen filled me with joy.  Energy returned to campus.  Dordt was back to itself.

Only, after a while the semester didn't seem to be that much of a relief after a while.  I kept working at Fareway, taking as many hours as I could fit around school.  I was the photographer for the yearbook.  I had a full class load.  I tried to be a good WOW (freshman orientation) staff member.  I had to write major papers, the 15-page kind I thought I had avoided by majoring in graphic design and digital media production.  For the first time, I had to start saying no to things.  I was usually tired.  I had finally discovered and crossed the line between a blessedly full life and a state of panic.

But enough complaining, Andrew!  It was still a pretty awesome time.  I'm not sure where to start on good things... a sweet brand new dorm, a couple of fun classes, donut runs, a blizzard, a lot of learning, and so much more.  I think I'll talk about good people instead of good things.  My fresh boys Jeff, David M, Dirk, Sam, and Andy; roommates Justin, Adam, Travis, Lucas, and Jordan; ah, let's just do a roll call, shall we?

Friends like Matt & Janaye, Nadji, Kroll, Rela, Miriam, Emily, Palmer, Dan K, Hannah and Sierra, Amanda, and anyone who ever considered me a friend.  You guys are so solid.  I have places to visit all over this continent, thanks to you.

Awesome people I wish I knew way better: Nathan (all of them, but Gross comes to mind- I love you man), Wendy, Joel, Alex (U. and P.), Stephen, Sam, Gary, Kristin, Kurtis, Kyle, David P, Mike and Denise, Klaas, Feije, Janine, Graham & Kelly, Leslie, Abby & Jesse (most godly and humble couple I know), Emil, Jander, Mark, Dale, Alvin, Toots, Ben, Jared (several), Danielle, Bryce, Jordan Y, Taco...

And YOUR name should probably be on the list somewhere.  Every single person who came to my surprise farewell party.  That was HUGE for me.

There are also the crazy randoms who make life better even from a distance: Roland, Brandon, Jory, Lee, Jon.  Keep being yourselves, and I will too.

Dale and Ruth, thanks for adopting us all at CCC, and for the use of your hot tub.  Tony and Marina, you kids rock.

I also have to send out some props and respect to my favorite profs.  Mark Volkers (digital media), Matt Drissell (art), David Versluis (design), Jake Van Wyk (art), Doug Burg (photography).  Most of my profs were good teachers, but these guys are the cool ones.

And the biggest thanks possible go to my parents.  For teaching me about faith, priorities, work ethic, and high expectations, and some financial help getting through school too.

Well, that feels like enough talk about me.  Back now to the regularly scheduled content of photos and design.  Thanks for reading.