I've learned that there's beauty everywhere.  During my time in Sioux Center, I enjoyed Iowa's magnificent sunsets, spacious plains, blizzards, double rainbows, even the fearsome power of a tornado funnel.  On trips to Kenya and the Philippines, I had my breath taken away by the mind-boggling Rift Valley, the lush greenery of the Filipino mountains, and one epic moonset.  Road trips within this continent have shown me the allure of an empty moonlit highway, the unceasing thunder of Niagara Falls, and the surreal Mount St. Helens devastation.

The past few years have brought an incredible, wide variety of experiences in almost every sort of scenery, and for that I'm thankful!  However, when I wake up to a view like this, it makes all the hassle of moving back to Canada seem worthwhile.  It just feels like home.

Agassiz, BC