Tonight when I got off work early at 10:00, I thought I'd spend the $20 Walmart gift card I'd been given.  It's cold now, so I drove with the engine barely off idle, letting the car warm up at her own pace.  Thanks to the expensive repairs scheduled for next week, I'm not taking LaFawnduh the Honda for granted right now.

When I got there, I went straight to the clearance aisle, hoping to find something random and fun.  Nothing.  Why would anybody buy this stuff?  Checked the automotive aisles, thinking I could score some cheap gadget for the high-maintenance lump sitting in the parking lot.  Nothing.

Perused the toys, feeling very self-conscious as I looked at the Hot Wheels (hey, those things are actually cool)!  Nothing.  High school girls walking this way.  Moving right along…  looked at the cds.  Radiohead?  Not in the mood.  Saosin?  Meh.  Brad Paisley?  Much rather have nothing.  Went through the men's clothing, tried on a jacket, but realized I was already wearing one.

It was getting lonely at Walmart.  And I didn't want for anything.

Defeated and a little depressed, five bucks less in my wallet and a $25 iTunes gift card in the passenger seat, I didn't drive quite as gingerly on the way back.  But neither did I want for anything.