Sitting between two conversations

I don't know why I wrote all these fragments down but I'm sure I'll enjoy reading them in the future.
11:00 pm in the 55th Ave.

I had a horrible night because I didn't realize-

Ready? Ready?

It was at the end of the season, so there were all these slush spots.

What was that?  This is why teams is awesome- you get stuff like that.

It was probably about the size-

I looked at it going, half a sec- he was like six cards and all the sudden you're out of your chair!  Shuffle again.

How far is Vermont?

Oh my goodness.  Re-shuffle.  Yes!

Good terrain park out there.

That's why they're winning every time.

Did a backflip down the stairs.  I've never seen anybody do that.

Hey Jordan, did you-

It was so fun.
Is he-

What are these?
Ohhhhh nooo!

These drop offs, you could get so much air off of them!

As usual.
No, we don't have any clubs.
Need some spades out there man!

I would do that.  My parents are taking me sometime this year.

You guys suck!

The first breath when you get in the mountains- actually what takes your breath away is there's not as much oxygen.

That's the thing is if you're working this you really- we weren't really tag-teamingLike, if you're working the pile,

They have a traverse, and you just go down through the woods, and there's like three foot of powder everywhere.

If I-

It was over eight feet deep.  We had to pack it down with our snowboards.

We've been doing it like it is,

And there's a big cliff coming, and he just stops, and I stop.  But I fall off.  But it was only like fifteen feet.

One, two, and go!

And there was a random mogul.

Yes!  Oh yeah, baby!  We won!

Whoa, you have big hands, dude!

When I saw the youtube video, I thought they were actually adding cowbell for the video.

Some of them were really hard.

That's actually cowbell, like what were they thinking?

I always crack it, pop it right there.

Ready, go.

In my back-

Hey Emily, don't screw up.

It hurt so bad.

You guys are losing.
We're up to negative one!

Although that would be quicker.


We're so lucky.
That would be awful.
Yeah. Anyways.

Six, six, six, I need a six!

Anyways, you guys know what I mean.

You sons of men and women!  Daughters too.