Out of Context

These are snippets of conversations I've heard and overheard around Dordt in the past while.

"Movies, they do our imagining for us.  It makes us lazy."
–Sam Gutierrez, former R.D. at Dordt

"A baby is totally self centered, crying whenever it wants anything.  Our whole life is a journey away from that."
–Dr. John Visser

"'Looking happy!' 'Feeling dirty!'"
–A spoonerism by Nick, trying to quote the official greeting of the imaginary Mud Day holiday

"What does it mean if a girl comes by your room and asks if she can do your dishes because she 'feels like being domestic?'"

"We could name 'er The Scooch-Mobile for the way she scooches when you let the clutch out in reverse."
–That was Adam too, talking about my car and my inexperience at driving with a manual transmission.

"He took his coat off in my room.  I think that's significant!"
–Female Dordt student who will remain anonymous