Hey, what's up everybody?

This week has been a bit crazy!  I feel a bit out of touch with my wing, friends, close acquaintances, and everyone else.  Except Team Wheatabix.

It started out with the typical back-to-school rushing around.  Finding the best prices on textbooks (but only the ones I need right away, 'cos I'm broke).  Realizing I'm going to be doing more thinking this semester (not a bad thing necessarily).  Getting my body back on Central Time from Kenya's 8-hour difference.  Getting rid of what I call "The African Affliction Other Than AIDS."  Getting prints made for the junior art show.  All that good stuff.

But this weekend.  Boy, this weekend brought the goods.  The Prairie Grass Film Challenge bent me over its knee and spanked the diarrhea right out of me.  You just try editing a comedy at 4 AM.  Everything is funny, and then five minutes later nothing is funny!  How are you supposed to know what to cut??  Well, we did our level best and, fifteen minutes before the deadline, handed over our finished product.  Five minutes of comedic genius, including Peaches the team mascot, a rotary telephone, and the line "Get away from that and come eat your dinner!"

Comedic genius might be an exaggeration, but I think it might make you laugh when I post the video after the screening in mid February.  It really was fun to make.

Right in the middle of the film challenge I also got to take a short break to go to the junior art show.  I wasn't looking forward to speaking about my work, but it was a good time seeing everyone's art and hearing a bit of background on some of the pieces.  There's real talent in my class, so it feels like an honor to have some of my photography up, and I was encouraged by the comments I got.

It feels good to get back to normal after all this crazy.