And Now, We Break For a Short Moment of Consumerism

It was a Christmas gift from my parents, but I had to choose it myself.  Who thought a present would be so painful?

I started out with a broad google search for men's hoodies, soon narrowing it down to ones available on ski- and outdoor-related websites because I wanted a warm one.  From there all I knew was it had to have a full zipper and a decent price tag.  That narrowed it down to about five bazillion options, and that's when it got difficult.

I don't think of myself as particularly image-conscious, but I think wrong sometimes.  When presented with the wealth of options available in the whole wide world of online retailers, I ended up spending way more time on this project than I should have.  I kept questioning myself:

 Does this one even look good at all?

Will that one reflect my personality?

What is my personality anyways??

Will this name-brand one make me look like a brand whore or poser?

Will this fleece one block the wind as well or better than that cotton one?
Why is this taking precedence over my homework?
Deep stuff, right?  At some point I started to realize how ridiculous was my quest for the perfect hoodie, so I just ordered one, and because I know you're on the edge of your seat with anticipation, this is what it looks like.

(I think it was the "70% off" marketing that got me.)