So it Begins:

The compulsive desire to post every time I have a thought.  It's kicking in already.

I remember when I first got facebook and updated my status about three times a day.  It took some time to realize that nobody cared.  This might be similar.  Then they invented Twitter so as to encourage verbal diarrhea, but nobody's come up with a way to justify excessive blogging yet.

Maybe that'll be my signature move:
I'll just blog about what's for supper in the commons (shredded beef sandwich,  harvest vegetable soup, baby carrots, and vanilla ice cream with oreos– all of which sound better than they really are, except the latter, which is even better than it sounds), what the weather is doing (snowing lightly and 10* F), what shirt I'm wearing today (orange flannel in all it's glory– don't you love flannel?), what music I'm listening to (The Gaslight Anthem at the moment), and run-on sentences.

Why not?

Speaking of The Gaslight Anthem, I like this album cover:

As a graphic design major, I appreciate the challenge and joys of trying to represent an hour worth of music in a single image.  Here I think the designer was successful, if not at representing the music, at least in making a compelling visual piece.  The tightly spaced slab serifs are very legible and have a classic feel.  The blue is offset by the slightly sepia-toned photo, and I give the designer kudos for avoiding the temptation to make the white title more of a cream color to match the photo.  Leaving so little headroom above the band was a bold move that works in part due to the extra space above "sound."  This way, it doesn't feel too crowded.

Good morning, my Central Time friends!