Hello, world!

Let's make a blog!


Why not?

Also, Rumour said I should. She's this crazy Canadian I met on spring break last year, and thinks my off-the-wall rants in facebook messages to her are blog-worthy. I don't know if the whole internet deserves to be inundated with my random thoughts, but then they don't have to read it if they don't want to.

And who doesn't like to hear their own voice? I, too, am now a published author on the internet!

So here's what you can expect out of this blog:

  • Lots of omphaloskepsis (fancy word for navel-gazing).
  • Links to things that catch my eye. Like that 500hp compound-charged Lotus Exige with the spine-tingling engine note.
  • Res Life Rants: why can't college age men leave Christmas decorations untouched??
  • Sophomoric revelations.
  • Stories.
  • Photos.
  • Inspiring Kroll Quotations.
Have a good one, eh?