"Using your turn indicators will give you the most moral superiority per calorie burned."

I'm not sure it was worth blogging, but if that phrase ever becomes popular, I want credit for it.  I coined it in the car with some help from Dad.  A collaborative banality, shall we say.

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These guys still sound great.  One thing I question is how you can be so against the system when you're clearly such an established part of it.  Rancid isn't as blatant as my poster boys for hypocrisy, Bad Religion, but you just don't stay around in the music industry for 15 years without commercial success.  They aren't "the kings of the low-income block" anymore, contrary to the lyrics of I Ain't Worried.

On a side note, the mp3 download is $5 of awesome right now on Amazon.  Thank you, intertubewebs, for saving me an hour and a half of minimum wage as compared to the price at Barnes & Noble.